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Established in 1998, Espresso Italia is the Arizona distributor of World-Class coffee products for Miscela D’Oro. Espresso Italia also offers a full line of coffee, espresso and machine supplies. Espresso Italia’s success has paved the way for three partner companies, which create a solution for every coffee distribution need: Infusion Coffee+Tea, IBCA and Liquid Tech.

Infusion Coffee & Tea provides locally roasted coffee, as well as custom blended coffees and tea for coffee shop and restaurant owners who wish to offer their guests a unique product only at their establishment.

IBCA, the International Barista Coffee Academy, located in Tempe, Arizona offers continuous hands-on classes in the following areas at a variety of informational depths: Coffee Introduction, Barista, Roasting, Grinding and Brewing, Sensory Cup tasting, Green Coffee, Tea Sommelier and Home Ma-chine Optimization.Our state of the art training center is equipped with all necessary equipment and supplies in order to teach all of the modules of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) Diploma System. We also offer classes for novices, coffee enthusiasts, and those with a “thirst for knowledge” when it comes to coffee. Patrick O’Malley, owner and director of the IBCA, is a proud SCAE Diploma holder. He is only the 43rd person the world to achieve this incredible milestone.